Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amstel Light

Miami Dolphins are winning another squeaker right now. Even though I am a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, you gotta feel good about the Dolphins rebounding from their pathetic season last year. (That and I live a few miles from their stadium). But basically it's a great excuse to pick up a cold one. Today, among others, I am drinking a bottle of Amstel Light. This is one of the better light beers, and I am certainly OK with them putting the words "Premium Lager" on the front of the label. This is a nice beer for watching the game--the flavor is very good and it's not a heavy beer--can drink it all day which is the point of Sunday football.

My best Amstel memory was when I was in Amsterdam in 1996 and a few big horses trotted by pulling a trailer full of Amstel kegs.

Back to the games.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yuengling Black & Tan

OK. Sitting at home drinking a Yuengling Black & Tan. I prefer that to the Lager but do like both. I am in Florida, but am from Pennsylvania and for some reason proud that this beer is from there. This is what I don't get. I can go to Costco or even Publix here in Florida and buy a case of this beer for $18 but in PA I can't buy it for less than $22 (or more). What is that all about? Does shipping it make it less valuable? Or is it the Commonwealth that is getting wealthy on local sales?

As far as the taste. I love it, especially cold. I hope these dudes don't ever sell out to Budweiser.