Monday, December 29, 2008

Bud Light

I bet you thought I was never going to get to the standard light beers. Well I'm having a bunch of Bud Light's tonight, you know, so I can see if it is really all about "drinkability". My coworkers kids are going around saying Baba Ganoush and I guarantee it has something to do with this commercial. (This is actually a boring article about the commercial, so please someone send me the one I need, I can't find it, only the other drinkability ads).

Anyway, this is a refreshing beer, and it's not just water flavored alcohol--it does have some taste. As far as drinkability. Yeah, sure, whatever, marketing guy. But the kids like your commercial--get them loyal now in case the drinking age is lowered.

What do all of you think? Bud Light, Miller Light or Coors Light--let's stick with taste and not drinkability. Maybe we can spark a new battle, like Ford v. Chevy (from the 80's and before of course). Now it's Toyota v. VW v. Hyundai v. Honda.

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