Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Samuel Adams Cranberry Lambic

As promised, a bunch of Sam Adams beer reviews. And now that I've cleansed my palate with a Bud Light, I'm going to start drinking their Cranberry Lambic. Give me 5 minutes.

I've had this beer many times, but I don't think I'd ever buy it alone. Usually it comes as part of some winter pack or specialty brewmaster type selection. What I think they are trying to do here is make their version of the Belgian lambic style beer. And this is a pretty good version, I must say. It's just not my favorite style.

The first time I had a lambic style beer, I was a 21 year old sitting in an auditorium at a Cornell wine tasting class in their famous Hotel School. Quite an experience with several hundred fellow students drinking for class. I don't remember the Lambic we had that day, but it was from Belgium. Sam Adams has done a great job with their version.

I know, you saw I said wine tasting class. Glad you're reading, and even more glad you're ready to jump down my throat and criticize me--just my style. The wine class had a few weeks (it was a once a week, 2 hour, Wednesday afternoon class) dedicated to Beer instead of wine. We even had Michael Jackson as a guest lecturer one week. More on him later. Him speaking ranks just below the time I got drunk and went to see Dick Vitale speak about basketball and motivation one year there in the exact same auditorium. Well, maybe Kevin Nealon was better. Whatever, it was great.

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