Sunday, December 28, 2008

Samuel Adams Winter Lager

Another seasonal winter beer, Samuel Adams Winter Lager. I put up a post about Old Fezziwig recently and gave it a bit of a put-down because of the spices Boston Beer Company seems to be bragging about. They also brag about going to Southeast Asia to find the best cinnamon for this beer, which I am sure they did. However, this beer is great, and probably because the cinnamon spice is not overwhelming. Again, as I've said before, screw the "winter beer" label. Enjoy this in June, July or August if it's available, or come to Miami where my air conditioner just kicked on at the end of December. Thumbs up, Jim Koch. I think you need to invite me to your next beer launch, for my approval, or at least for a job like Norm on Cheers had (and even refused to be paid for). I couldn't find the video for that episode, so send it to me please.

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