Saturday, January 31, 2009

Black Dog's Summer White

I'm going to Monster Jam in a few hours over at Dolphin Stadium. If you're not familiar, that is the Monster Truck show that has events all over the country. In the past two weeks, a 6 year old and a show worker were killed at Monster Truck events (although I think only one was at a Monster Jam production), so let's hope tonight there are no problems.

So I'm drinking a few pre-game beers. One I picked was Black Dog's Summer White by Spanish Peaks Brewing Co. in Frederick, MD. I'm a little confused because the label also says Founded Bozeman, Montana, but I'll get over that.

This beer is a Belgian style white ale and you can definitely taste the hints of spices and orange. It is very light and refreshing with a nice aftertaste. Not #1 on my list but certainly worth a look and taste.

It's funny that the label also says "NO WHINERS" and the picture is of a dog jumping to catch a frisbee at the lake. I really don't understand the No Whiners part, but I guess I'll get over that too.

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