Thursday, January 22, 2009

Foster's Lager

It's been kind of a dry week. But tonight I ordered up a 12 pack of Foster's Lager. Now I am sure you know that "Foster's" is Australian for Beer. Great, you've paid attention to all the commercials over the years, some good, some great, some whatever. But while my Foster's is in the same bottle as times past, it is NOT Australian. It's made under the supervision of Foster's Australia by Oil Can Breweries in Albany, GA and Fort Worth, TX. Nothing says Australia to me quite like Albany, GA!

The beer--would be great on a hot day. Unfortunately it's the coldest day in Miami in the 2000's. It was like 32 degrees last night. Better check on my tomatoes. Seriously, I don't really give a shit about the temperature outside going with a particular beer. Guinness on a 90 degree day is just fine with me. Foster's is solid, not awesome. It doesn't taste like water and has a nice flavor.

I do prefer it in the traditonal Oil Can 22 ouncer for some reason. I used to buy that regularly from the beer guy at Grand Central by the tracks when I had 10 seconds to spare before missing the next train. Ah, Metro North. Where drinking on the public transportation is allowed and welcome.

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