Friday, January 16, 2009

Grolsch Premium Lager

We had a few Grolsches (if that's how you make it plural) on Christmas eve before leaving the office for a few days. But I wanted to have one in front of me again so I can write here without memory of a month back. Funny, the label says since 1615 and that reminded me that was the exact time we started drinking that December day (4:15pm for those that aren't following me here).

Anyway, Grolsch is from Holland. I can remember the first time I had Grolsch. My Uncle Dave gave me one at a party at Grandma's house. I was over 21, so being under age isn't why my memory is so good. Actually, it's because this beer had a cork on it. Not sure when they dropped that, or even if they did completely but i just used a lighter to pry off the top of this one.

As far as the taste... Pretty standard light beer. It's good but not memorable (oh God, I think one week of Simon on American Idol put that in my mouth). Anyway, middle-of-the-road beer. One thing I can say is that Grolsch is very smooth to drink, whatever that means. Maybe the drinkability guys can define that for me.

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