Saturday, January 10, 2009

Leffe Blonde Ale

So I picked up this Leffe Blonde Ale at Publix last night. I guess it comes from an abbey in Brussels, Belgium. The label says it's an InBev beer, which I am guessing wasn't always the case--at least they usually let the little breweries they acquire continue to brew the beer the same way, mostly unchanged.

Back to the beer. The taste is terrific, you can also almost taste the aroma of it too. Very light with a great flavor. Oops, I am drinking it out of the bottle when I was specifically told on the label it's best from some chalice (I don't have a chalice, so whatever). 11.2 oz but 6.6% alcohol--balances out that less volume bottle--if that's your motivation.

Thumbs up, although a bit pricey to make this my beer of choice. I actually substituted a couple bottles in with the Harpoon I was talking about yesterday, so it was ok.

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