Saturday, January 31, 2009

Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier

Here's a Sam Adams that I hadn't heard of before--Samuel Adams Blackberry Witbier. It came in one of those 6-pack Brewmaster's Collection boxes. Apparently they used some special blackberries from Oregon called Marion blackberries to give this beer its flavor. The taste is delicious, but it is not subtle as the label says. Everything about this beer screams "BLACKBERRIES" loud and clear.

Drinking and smelling this beer reminds me of summers I spent at my grandparents' house in Media, PA. Every day my brother and I would go and pick blackberries from the bushes on the back on their property at the edge of Tyler Arboretum. Then we'd eat them every night with vanilla ice cream while we played Pinochle into the late hours. Pretty cool for a 10 year old. My point is that I'm pretty sure Jim Koch could have used those blackberries for this beer as they were delicious too. BTW, Tyler Arboretum had the only Giant Sequoia trees (and maybe still does) east of the Mississippi. Take a look. They are really amazing. Two Novembers ago, I got to take my son to pick blackberries and to see those trees, so it was a cool way to share my childhood with my son.

Back to the beer. Overall impression is that this is a very nice tasting beer, refreshing, flavorful. You probably couldn't drink this all night as the blackberries would start to annoy you, but for sure it is another great one by Boston Beer Company.

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