Friday, January 30, 2009

Sierra Nevada Unfiltered Wheat Beer

What the hell. Let's do another tonight. It's Friday, the kids are playing nicely, Super Bowl is Sunday.

For the past half hour I've been balancing the checkbook, paying my mortgage and drinking a Sierra Nevada Wheat. I'm on #2 so have a good feel for this one by now. This beer I remember from my days in NY and it seemed to be popular there. You may know by now if you've read one or two posts that I really like the wheat beers. Well, most of them.

I'm not going to say this is not a good beer, but for me, there are other wheat beers that kick this one's ass. I know it's unfiltered, but that never bothers me. This tastes dirty though for some reason. So the flavor is pretty good but there's something that just is bothering me here. Maybe another time, another place, another batch for this one. I guess I'll stick with the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale for the near term, which is excellent.

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