Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blue Moon Belgian White

One more for tonight. I've been waiting for this guy to go on sale, as I know it does periodically at Publix. Blue Moon Belgian White, which is a Belgian-Style Wheat Ale made by Blue Moon Brewing Co. in Golden, Colorado. Now I am sure there can be two breweries in Golden, but when I hear that name I've gotta think that this is somehow linked to Coors. I guess Better Research, Better Writing (Papa John's). But not tonight. Is Coors somehow involved?

Blue Moon is a pretty good beer. And I like this style beer a lot. The only criticism I have is that you really feel the unfiltered part on your palate. That is a good thing but at some point it makes the beer taste a little dirty. Great citrus flavors, subtle orange. Just what the doctor ordered for tonight.

Ok. Bath time. Not for me, for my two monsters, who are asking me what "beard" I am drinking. Can't wait til they're 21 and buying me beers.

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