Saturday, February 7, 2009

Harpoon Hefeweizen Unfiltered Wheat Beer

The label calls this Harpoon's UFO or UnFiltered Offering. Harpoon Brewery in either Boston or Windsor, VT made this one. It's decent at best but has a bit of a bitter taste to it. Whatever the taste is, I feel like there is too much lemon in there (even if it's not actually lemon). Who knows?

In other news, I joined a couple of social beer networks today to try to get some more ideas and input. The two main ones are Democracy's Drink and Aleuminati. I've already gotten valuable suggestions from a few of their membership, including their site creators, and do appreciate it.

Well, end of the line for this UFO. I guess you can chalk it up to being a mirage or some secret government aircraft--not because it disappeared rapidly, but rather because UFO's don't really exist and Harpoon should make that happen with this one.

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