Thursday, March 12, 2009

Exciting Weekend and Week Coming Up

Tonight I'm just relaxing, well maybe, with a few of my favorites. BTW, Total Wine in store and advertised prices for Best Sixer Liberty Ale (at least in the South Florida Edition) is $9.99/six pack. I hate to say this about my love, but you should never buy Liberty Ale there. It's never more than $8.99/six pack at (jealous ex) Publix and sometimes as low as $6.99/six pack.

Tomorrow I will make my weekly trek to Total Wine in search of the Holy Grail (BTW, does anyone else hate Monty Python as much as I do? It's just not funny). I will also be home alone (with two kids) this weekend as my wife is going to Colombia for a long weekend. It's her birthday too, so I should probably think of something soon. She already has instructions to bring back some Colombian and regional beer (minus Aguila, readily available locally), but we'll see. Nothing may come back as I believe this request has zero priority.

Sunday we'll know who is joining the only team in so far (and NCAA Champion to be) Cornell in the March Madness tournament. I just love Dick Vitale (I'm pretty sure he's still alive, right?)

St. Patrick's Day (no link, it's way overrated) is next week. I'll have some additional sarcastic anti-SPD-posts that day, while still enjoying a bottle of beer.

And finally, business trip to Chicago next week, hooray, which means some of my Hit List will come home Friday, hopefully to be sampled by next weekend. I'll be finalizing the list shortly in priority order.

That's it. See you tomorrow.

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traveler said...

St Patricks Day in Chicago is supposed to be very big - I hear the dye the river green. With many, many pubs in the area, Im sure we'll be able to sample selections before bringing them back after all is said and done