Friday, March 20, 2009

Fat Tire Amber Ale

Built up to be God's Sweet Nectar, Mother's Milk the Cat's Pajamas and the Bee's Knees, Fat Tire Amber Ale brewed by New Belgium Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado came to me today direct from O'Hare International to Ft. Lauderdale International. (That's the most direct route in my opinion, and New Belgium doesn't really care at this point.)

I hope I haven't hyped this beer too much, as I have yet to open the bottle. I've even had the beer before, but not in the past 4 or 5 years, and it wasn't memorable when I did. That doesn't mean it wasn't great, which is why I had the help (many thanks) to go to the trouble to try this beer again.

Apparently, founder of New Belgium Jeff was cycling around from brewery to brewery in Europe when the recipe for Fat Tire (and name) came to him. Probably some of the exercise and high altitude helped too. I really gotta get away and do something cool like that.

Sorry for the delay, but I'm trying to follow the bottle directions to serve at 45 degrees F (had to let it warm up from my freezer cool down and my fridge stable temperature--after all, remember, it was in cargo just a few hours ago).

Malty aroma, very malty. Waiting for the temperature, I'm actually on my second one so am very recently familiar with the taste. There is a definite sweet dough taste. Not bread, but uncooked dough. There are some nutty and butterscotch, maybe caramel flavors as well. All of those flavors are really good, but they disappear into thin air quickly. Speaking of thin, I'd say maybe thin is slightly overdoing a description but the beer is on the thin to thin-medium (think how you order a steak) body. It is very smooth and drinkable and I can see why people like it. I wish it had a little bit crisper finish so it was a little more refreshing.

Overall, I am mostly reminded that I really need to go for a bike ride. I will have this beer on trips out west where it's available, but wont go way overboard out of my way again any time soon. Locals, drink up because it's a very good beer. New Belgium foreigners, patiently wait for them to come to you and drink what's available. Don't fret--there are thousands of beers no matter where you live.

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