Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fiddler's Green India Pale Ale

I picked this guy up (the beer) at Total Wine & More last Friday and it's the last beer in the fridge. Total Wine must have something going on with this beer--either it's super popular or super unpopular and they are trying to unload it--this beer has had prominence every weekend at the end of the aisles around the store for a month. So let's hope it's because it's awesome.

This Fiddler's Green IPA brewed by Fiddler's Green Brewing Co. in Utica, NY (couldn't find a brewery website so here's a map of Utica) has been resting gently there for 5 straight days. But you wouldn't know it. I picked up the bottle (pretty gently, if I do say so myself) and despite the 20W refrigerator bulb, I saw through the dark brown bottle so much sediment floating inside that it looked like one of those snow globes you shake up. Maybe that was the point, as it snows a hell of a lot in Utica.

As far as the beer goes. Nice citrus and hoppy aroma upon opening the bottle. But within the first sip, you know that there is much too much malty flavors in this. You can taste the typical hoppy flavors of an IPA and some citrus and orange through this mask, but the malt really is overpowering. Maybe a little spicy too. That's all I have except to conclude that either Total Wine is in bed with this ugly beer or that they are just trying to cut their losses and push it out the door. Or both.


Kayla Maria said...

That is so funny, its in the front aisles of our Total Wine in Orlando too.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I knew it. Something's up.