Friday, March 6, 2009

Flanigan's Boathouse Conshohocken PA

Just so none of you are worried, I got my stash of beer from Total Wine on the way home from work tonight. It's just getting cold in the fridge now. Once again, excellent service there tonight. I even got a shot of some vodka before browsing the beer aisles.

So while I'm waiting for my beer to chill, here's a recommendation of a bar I used to go to once in a while.

Before I got married and long before my brother got married, he used to live in Conshohocken, PA. I'd get down from New York to visit him every now and then, and of course we'd do our share of beering and sporting events, etc.

Right up the street was a place we always went to when I visited: Flanigan's Boathouse (I never knew the Flanigan's part til now, so could be new or could be that the Boathouse was just what he called it). I remember the place mostly for its wide variety of excellent draft beers. Looking at their current draft menu, it's changed quite a bit since I was there last, but still looks great. The Boathouse was also a great place to watch the Flyers win their games (always). At least if you are drinking and watching hockey on TV, you can't kicked out of the Spectrum (as I was from the front row of a Phantoms game one year for banging on the glass repeatedly, even after being warned. I assured the usher it was part of hockey, and he assured me otherwise). At worst, you're only kicked out of a bar.

So if you're ever in town, stop by and have a pint (or better, a pitcher). Make sure you stop at Ted's (I'm pretty sure that was at least the name in the mid 90's) Italian place around the corner to sop up all the beer on the way home. That is, if you need food. The Boathouse has some pretty good bar fare.

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