Friday, March 6, 2009

Great Divide Titan IPA India Pale Ale

Since I really enjoyed the Great Divide Yeti Imperial Stout, I decided to buy another beer from this brewery, but something on the opposite end of the spectrum. That would be the Great Divide Titan IPA brewed by Great Divide Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado.

The bottle says they are on Arapahoe Street in Denver, which reminds me of great skiing in Arapahoe Basin. Try it sometime, above the tree line, sort of going wherever the hell you want (within some limits). The bottle also says one of their mottos, "Great Minds Drink Alike." I couldn't agree more as I hope that you will all become my worshipers--just don't drink the Kool-Aid if I start recommending it. Just joking, or am I?

Titan IPA seems a bit typical of really good IPA's, in the same class as Stone IPA and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. It is very well made and tastes great. Very nice hoppy flavors, citrus (I taste some orange and lemon) and bitterness are nicely balanced. This is a very refreshing beer, crisp and enjoyable. There is a very pleasant dry and bitter aftertaste left on the palate as well.

I could have this beer again, and am starting to really like this brewery.

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Unknown said...

I just love this beer AND the brewery. Not a bad review except that I would certainly not say it is 'typical'. In my opinion it is one of the very best.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Paul.

Thanks for stopping by. To be honest, I don't remember this beer that well. I drank it almost a year ago. I have had dozens of IPA's since then, some awesome and some terrible.

I guess it's time to pick up the Titan again!

I will say that this brewery is superb. One of my reviews highlights that fact.