Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This Belgian-style beer was named after Belgian Father Louis Hennepin. Of course when he discovered Niagara Falls, he was a Frenchman courtesy of Louis XIV. That's enough to make anyone want to take the plunge over the edge in an unsafe rickety barrel.

BTW, if you're planning a trip to Niagara Falls, don't go in the winter time. I was visiting my girlfriend at the time one January and half of the river was frozen and it was not a spectacular sight. And it was damn cold; the cold was ok though the next day at the Bill's game with a few brews. It was also back in the 90's when the Bills were a decent team, which made the weather more bearable.

One more thing about Niagara Falls... Does anyone else have trouble adding that second "a" in there or is it just me? Niagra just looks and feels better.

Hennepin is a Belgian-style Saison Farmhouse Ale brewed by Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, NY. I've had a few from this brewery so I wanted to continue on with this one.

First, the aroma or maybe smell is a better word for this one. Don't get me wrong, I can smell the malts and yeast aroma, and some light fruits too, but does anyone else think this guy smells a bit? I am guessing that's the Farmhouse reference. My very first taste sensation is a shitload of carbonation all over my mouth, a bit overly carbonated, but that does subside into some nicer tart flavors, like Granny-Smith (the green ones you use for apple pie) apples or some very unripe pears. There is also a sour and a slightly dirty taste, some spiciness and dryness too. Alcohol is 7.5% but it is not noticeable at all. All said, it's still a light and crisp beer, but I would not say refreshing. Go ahead and decide for yourself. Those are my comments and I'm sticking to them.

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