Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maloney's Restaurant (Sort of)

Have you ever been to Maloney's Restaurant in Margate, NJ? Well, maybe you have but you just didn't realize there was a restaurant and that it is really mainly a bar. Here is a picture of Margate, NJ by day as I couldn't find a website for Maloney's, but I do assure you it exists. That website says charming, and maybe it is, but I remember Margate as the city that has bars open til 5 am, the city that floods with one drop of rain, and the city that welcomes you with 25 mph speed limits and an army of cops waiting to enforce that. Entering from Somers Point? Beware!!!

I haven't been to Maloney's in 15 years, but it was a great amount of fun in my college and early to mid-20's days. They have a great bar food and music, both from the juke box and sometimes live. Guess what? If you're from Canada, you might have a hard time with your ID getting in. Apparently they don't take (maybe fake) ID's from Ontario, but that's another story.

If you're really in town there, go down the street to visit Lucy. Seriously, this town has an Elephant on the (quiet) main drag named Lucy. I think it is a museum or something now, but unless you've been around the area, surely you will ask WTF if you see it unexpectedly, so thank me for warning you.

After passing Lucy, you're about 15 minutes from gambling in Atlantic City. Drive the speed limit there because the lights are timed perfectly to catch every single one if you do. Speed and you'll just stop at every light.

Any of you been to Maloney's?


aaaa said...

This bar closed on Labor Day 2005 and was torn down shortly thereafter.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Zach.

Thanks a lot for letting me know (and ruining my memories, LOL).

Was there just no more business or was the place falling apart? Do you know why or what's there now?


Anonymous said...

the owner was getting older and his kids didn't really want it. damn shame. they demolished the property and put up an office building. talk about a waste! plenty of people who share the same memories that you have can be found in the facebook group