Thursday, March 26, 2009

No New Beer But Some Great Info

Although I have many new ones, I am not going to review a new beer tonight. Don't be disappointed, there's always tomorrow. And I have some great stories to tell you.

So Google played the old switcheroo on Blogger users--the (re)-scheduled 10-minute outage is actually today, but the entire day they had Thursday and yesterday's date 3/25 on their alert, so I guess we were mind readers.

My wife stopped by Wendy's on the way home from picking up the kids and a trip to the pediatrician to buy Frosty's. All was fine until she took the frosty's and stayed at the window while opening the spoons for them. The window girl had the balls to tell her she needed to leave, not once, but twice, despite zero cars behind her. My easy-going wife told her she was going to make a complaint, so since I know she will NOT do that, I am asking all of you to boycott Wendy's for at least a week if not longer. That is the most bullshit customer service and request I've ever heard of.

Since I didn't have the kids and since tomorrow is my first grader's teacher's planning day, and instead of lugging him off to Total Wine & More tomorrow for my weekly trip, I decided to go today. It was fairly empty so I had the store to myself. The cashier, someone new for me, was also great even as she was also dealing with some dick on the phone. She put him on hold to tell me to have a wonderful evening.

Gotta go watch the NCAA tourney. I need a Pitt loss and a Memphis win to bring joy to my heart. There will be one or more new beers tomorrow, I promise.

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