Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rogue Brutal Bitter

I was thinking on the way home today about Rogue and its influence on world dominance. So I decided tonight was the night to try out this Rogue Brutal Bitter brewed by Oregon Brewing Co. in Newport, Oregon.

Well, about my first statement. First it's the Nissan Rogue crossover invading the highways. Then I see this commercial for a movie about some crazy dude Last House on the Left, by, you guessed it, Rogue Films. So I dug deeper to see what else Rogue has gotten their hands into. I mean the brewery has a cult following, so what else is there to do but branch out?

Apparently Marvel Comics also had a character, born a mutant, named Rogue. She must've grown out of her mutantness or at least disguises it pretty well, because for a cartoon character, she's hot. But if there are any nerds reading, please do let me know.

Finally, this Brutal Bitter. I will admit I came into this beer with a bit of a chip on my shoulder and bad attitude about my expectations. But taking a deep breath, open sesame. Here's my unbiased thoughts about this. Very strong lemon and citrus aroma and flavors. A lot of hoppy flavors as well. If the intention of this beer was to make something like the bitter beers that the Brits so love, like this one, hey, congratulations. Success. But that is precisely what I do not like about this beer. It is extremely (brutally) bitter and not refreshing at all. Sorry to disappoint you.


Kayla Maria said...

That is a little disappointing.

And Im not that big of a nerd but here :)


Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks, Kayla Maria. Wow, super heroes have come a long way since Spidey and Aquaman. I guess it would be cool to meet Rogue, except that you'd have to be careful not to come in contact.