Monday, March 2, 2009

Rogue Dead Guy Ale

These guys at Rogue really have something going on. Great beers and an extremely loyal following. One of my friends over at the Aleuminati recently said "I keep a Dead Guy Ale on hand for emergencies, and agree with you their Choco Stout is awesome."

I've tasted many of the Rogue beers over the years, mainly back in my stint in NY. But until recently, I had missed out on the Rogue beers. To make up for lost time, I indulged in a great Chocolate Stout, and the Morimoto Hazelnut Signature Ale, and am now going to crack open a Dead Guy Ale. The label says brewed by Oregon Brewing Co. in Newport, Oregon (these are obviously the Rogue brewers; anyone have clarification on why sometimes they go by Rogue Ales? Are there two breweries? Something else?)

And now for my "emergency"... First, you can't forget the name Dead Guy Ale. Upon opening, great aroma of citrus. And now for the important drinking part. There is definitely a malty, honey, orange and alcohol flavor right off the bat. The alcohol kinda makes me warm on this cold 60 degree Florida night. There are some spicy overtones to this beer too. Sweet and bitter are nicely balanced and the finish on my palate is lasting and pleasant.

I could definitely see me doing this Dead Guy again. Doing like getting a case for the garage, not like this morbid dude.

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