Saturday, March 7, 2009

Samuel Smith Taddy Porter

My second from Samuel Smith Old Brewery Tadcaster--their Taddy Porter. I really enjoyed their Nut Brown Ale previously, so I am hoping this is another standout.

First taste and aroma is chocolate and coffee. It reminds me of the Pilon we drink every day at the office, except of course that this is beer, thank God (or as they say here in Miramar, thanks God--could be a Spanish translation thing). On top of the very rich and creamy chocolate flavors is a burnt and roasted nuts taste. This is a very smooth beer, not alcoholic at all, and a really nice choice that I could drink a few of. I probably like the Nut Brown Ale better but this is a winner for sure.

So although I've never been to England, this is what I'd hope to get on my next visit. I've had many British beers, and it still amazes me that some of them even brag about their terrible-tasting bitter beer. This is one example I hated. But again, I love this one. Cheers!

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