Saturday, March 14, 2009

Singha Lager Beer

What the hell. Since I'm in Japan anyway (sort of), I may was well stop in Thailand on the way back to my country of South Florida.

For me, Singha Lager Beer brewed by Pathumthani Brewery Co. in Pathumthani, Thailand under the supervision of Singha Corporation in Bangkok, Thailand (that's a funnel-full), is best known as the beer you can try when you go to a Thai restaurant. I've had it in that capacity many times, but not otherwise.

I don't know what the aroma is. Beer, perhaps. The flavors are all over the place and not in a great way. Lots of malty flavors, and salty too. It's a little bit bitter and at the same time a little bit sweet like Jersey corn. Now normally you'd say that sounds balanced and nice, but I don't get that. There's a sharp flavor and a dry annoying finish. Am I bitter? Maybe, but when I turn on the TV to see if Florida State dropped the ball against UNC, well that could really make for an angry situation. At least as we used to say in Penn State land growing up, Shitt on Pitt, which is exactly what happened a few days ago.

I really need to go back to the great Belgian and American craft beers and stop wasting my time and liver on this crap.


Anonymous said...

No wonder you can't appreciate a good Asian grew up loving that Rolling Rock trash! Find a great...very hot...asian dish with shrimp or pork...then savor the same Singha beverage!
Leave that Rolling Rock "Horse Pee" to the PA woodsmen, where the sky is blue because God loves Penn State.! lol

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I was never a Rolling Rock fan. More of a Genessee and PBR kind of guy.

But seriously, this beer is average. I haven't had it since March, 2009, the day of this review. That absence will likely remain that way for a while. By choice.