Thursday, March 5, 2009


So my wife threw an opened empty can of tuna in the garbage a few days ago and left the sharp lid hidden in the trash can. As I pushed down the garbage for some more room, I cut my finger really badly. My twist-off beer opening finger. So when I told my wife only bottle opener beers this weekend, well, she understood or at least didn't ask why. Why waste all that guilt (do CTRL F, type guilt, you'll find it.)

I'm just drinking a couple of Sammys tonight, chilling out. But I have some updates.

1. I just went over 100 posts on this blog. I hope you feel like it's a sarcastic, witty storytelling site with good beer as the reason to indulge in my antics.

2. I've added Stone IPA to my Best Sixer list. Don't confuse that with Stone Ruination IPA (which is also good but a little much). That's 4 of 6 and I have the feeling that this Best Sixer thing could be highly variable. I still need recommendations on #5 and #6. What do you think?

3. I'm trying to get those local brews from around the country--my Hit List. My coworkers accepted the challenge of bringing me back some that I've been waiting for on future business trips, and because of that I've summoned suggestions on other destinations my company will be visiting. Any other suggestions for Washington, DC, New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas and/or Phoenix areas? I'm all ears.

Dinner is ready. Talk to you all later.

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