Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wolaver's Brown Ale

Hot, urine-stench air blowing a garbage storm around by summer; dog shit in the melting snow and slush covering the sidewalk by winter. Anyone need any other reasons not to live in Manhattan? I am not sure what made me reminisce about my time there, but I think it has something to do with my not appreciating the whole organic farming movement. Don't get me wrong--if it's organic and tastes great, awesome. If it's not organic and tastes great, awesome.

I brought up organic because the beer I chose for today is Wolaver's Brown Ale, a certified organic beer brewed by Otter Creek Brewing in Middlebury, Vermont. A few weeks back, I tried their Copper Ale as well. I just didn't realize until now that it was from the same brewery--the Wolaver name threw me off. The bottle explains that Robert and Morgan Wolaver are the reason for that.

The beer has a pretty nice nutty and chocolate aroma. Taste is a litle weird, though. You can taste decent chocolate and roasted caramel flavors with some dark fruits as well. There is also a light maltiness about it. But for some reason, there is also a bit of medicine flavor in it, and that is evident in the aftertaste. Light body and low carbonation, smooth but not something I will probably try again soon.

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San said...

"if it's organic and tastes great, awesome. If it's not organic and tastes great, awesome."

Love it!