Sunday, March 22, 2009

Xingu Black Beer

Bom Dia. Tudo bem? Working with a few Brazilians, I've managed to pick up the very basics of the language. And I've had a Xingu Black Beer from Brazil in my fridge for a few weeks now that hopefully navigates the beer barrier.

There is a milk chocolatey aroma to the beer, and the flavor jumps right on that as well. Roasted malts, nutty and sweet, this is a very creamy, silky and smooth beer. I also taste some molasses and a hint of coffee. For a dark beer, it's a bit of a pussy, but it is easy to drink and a very nice beer to relax by the TVside (no fireside here in Florida).

That's probably it for the day. So, as the local radio station (AM, dude, seriously) used to say growing up, It's a beautiful day in Pennsylvania (and Florida too).

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