Friday, March 27, 2009

Young's Luxury Double Chocolate Stout

I've been preparing (meaning researching beer I can't buy here in Florida) for an upcoming trip some of my sales team will be taking to New York in the middle of April. By then, my taxes will be paid, and I'll need something to drown those sorrows in, something good.

I posed a simple question on a beer networking site looking for ideas. The question was basically looking for recommendations to great local beer that I couldn't buy in Florida. Mostly, I got helpful answers. For example, I was pointed toward Sixpoint Craft Ales for this trip. But one dude made things way too complicated. I was told that "great local beer" and "beers that you can't get anywhere but in the local area" are two different things. Well, thank you very much, but I did go to Cornell and my major wasn't football. (I'm not really very arrogant and don't ever brag about my B average at Cornell, but I have been watching the Office lately, and that storyline written by Harvard and Dartmouth alums is great. BTW I never studied once, was drunk all the time and NO I wasn't in an a capella group). Both of those quotes were from my question, but taken completely alone, and it was very obvious what I wanted. I mean, how about great, local AND only locally available beer?

I also started looking around online and found that the Second Annual NY Craft Beer Week will be held from September 11-20, 2009. Check out this list of beers they expect to be there. I see a bunch from Sixpoint on there too, so that may be the way to plan this trip.

Wow. All this talk of NY and beer week is making me thirsty. Well, I'm going to jump ship on the American Craft Beers tonight and open a big bottle of Young's Luxury Double Chocolate Stout brewed by Wells & Young's Brewing Company Limited in Bedford, United Kingdom. I am hoping for a giant winner here.

This is an awesome beer. Wonderful chocolate aroma. The flavors are, hold tight, very much entrenched in chocolate. You can also taste malt and coffee flavors on your palate, and those flavors last and last. This is a delicious yet not overpowering stout. Milky and creamy smooth, not a bit harsh, sweet yet balanced. As much as I loved Guinness night at Mona's in NY, I am thinking they should alternate every other week with this beer if they can swing it. This is an A beer and a Best Sixer nominee for sure. For you followers, I am about to launch a site highlighting the Best Sixer beers; I'll keep you posted.

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