Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cru d'Or Organic Belgian Style Ale

Damn. Ever since the hockey strike a few years back, regular TV has shit the bed with getting some games back in the spotlight a few nights a week. So the sport has basically died unless you go for the ultra sports ticket. I didn't even realize until it was too late that the Flyers game one was on last night. Me not watching was surely why they lost. Hey, Ron Hextall, give me a call next time to remind me. Anyway, so we're down a game to the cross-state rival Penguins. I wont miss another game, but I really can't believe I was actually on the Versus website to find the schedule. Again, real TV, sign a deal or something, will you?

So I'm trying my third beer from North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg, California. The others were winners (one even made Best Sixer), and I'm anticipating another winner here. All, of course, because I need a winning frame of mind going into the hockey playoffs.

Cru d'Or Organic Belgian Style Ale seems like a good one to pair with the Flyers. I mean, Gold Vintage. Yeah, that definitely describes this team. This Belgian-style Dubbel has a very fruity and somewhat malty and floral aroma. The flavors are very nicely put together in a complex way. Fruity apple and banana and peach flavors evolve to sweeter caramel and buttery tastes. And at the same time, you taste a spicy and bready flavor in this creamy beer. The alcohol is not hidden, and it borders on being a little out-of-bounds (or getting penalty minutes for slashing), but it is just fine. Overall, I really like this beer and am really finding out what a quality brewery North Coast is. Try it for yourself.

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