Wednesday, April 8, 2009

La Fin Du Monde

Met a guy over at the Beer For Chicks networking site a little bit ago. I know, a dude meeting a dude on a place that's for chicks. Yes, it's a bit weird, but I am man enough to admit it. Whatever! Anyway, this guy's profile said his favorite beer is La Fin Du Monde, which coincidentally is the only beer in my refrigerator right now and the subject of tonight's review.

Now most of you learned a practical foreign language in high school like Spanish. But I took 4 years of French in high school followed by two grueling semesters in college to satisfy that requirement. Was never so happy it was over. But I did get to try out my French in Paris back in 1996 and was able to get around on my own, sort of. And anyway, when I stumbled for a millisecond, the snotty merchants finished my sentences for me in English. But here is another chance, finally.

La Fin Du Monde (The End of the World) brewed by Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec, Canada seems like a good way to branch away to a new brewery. Better take Jack Bauer with me before he dies from his biological exposure, in case this is truly the end of the world.

This beer is a Tripel Belgian styled-ale. It has a nice orange and spicy aroma. The flavors are pretty complex and mostly great. To start, you get nothing except for a blast of carbonation that lasts at least a second. But finally that evolves on your palate. First tastes are of orange and other citrus along with spices, noticeably cloves and cinnamon. Lots of yeasty and doughy flavors as well. A nice finish and aftertaste too. The 9% alcohol warms you up but in a good way and is not annoying at all.

I'd suggest trying this on your own. It is good but I just felt like something was missing, and there are other Tripels I like much better, like Tripel Karmeliet, for example.

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