Friday, April 17, 2009

Lagunitas Maximus IPA

I had to take my 2-year old to the pediatrician this afternoon after 3 days of fever. Of course I knew what he was going to say, as I grew up in a doctor's house. But my wife made me take him. I've seen my father at work and how compassionate he is with every single patient every single day. But at home... "Dad, my arm hurts when I move it like this" got the sarcastically blunt reply "don't move it like that." And you can insert any injury or pain or bump into those sentences. With 4 children, it was a regular conversation. But Dr. Disney Tie (seriously I am not sure what this guy's name is) was very sweet except that he told me to put away the Cheerios my son was eating because of some OSHA rule and a notice posted at the front entrance of this giant medical office. I saw no such sign as I paid my $20 copay and was ushered away in 2 minutes before reading anything. This was the poor kid's first food of the day, too, one of the reasons he was there.

This is my second beer from these guys, Lagunitas Maximus IPA brewed by Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California. Finally a beer to say it like it is: "UNLIMITED RELEASE" right on the bottle in big, bold letters. This Limited stuff I really don't believe too much. Of course if you rationalize it, everything is limited to something, so I guess I am wrong, but usually Limited means limited to the amount we can get out the door.

The quote around the bottle label says, "If some is good; More is better. Instant gratification is not fast enough. 42 IBU? Why not 72! The end is near, Don't sip. A trillion What$? Imelda's Shoes. Dow @ 7392? Just buy a Senate seat?! Tats, Nipple Piercing, Cutters, Burners & Hummers. A cold MAXIMUS just makes perfect sense! Cheers!" Someone was seriously fucked up when they started writing all that. That's what I have to say. I have a piece of paper in my pocket I wrote last weekend (during a drinking time) for an idea for this blog and I can barely understand the writing or logic behind some of it, but at least I was not publishing at that point.

This beer has an aroma, a floral one. It's just very faint. The flavors are more pronounced. You get a good dose of hops, as expected, but they are more prominent as the flavors evolve on your palate, and they could be featured a little better and morer. This beer is sweeter than I expected it to be and the sweet and bitter avoid each other and don't balance out. The sweet flavors are caramel and maple syrup and there are also some acidic, pine and light fruit overtones. The 7.5% alcohol is hidden and balanced nicely with the rest of the beer, and the carbonation is just right. I'd probably try this one again if I were out in California and it was on tap, but I have others to try and others I like more.

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