Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lagunitas Special Release Sirius

Today we were working so hard at laughing about some of the spam emails we get all day long. This little gem of a subject line "You can have a mega tool like a horse or even mule" prompted one my of colleagues to wonder aloud, "How do I get the job of a spam subject line writer?" Something to ponder, a little like Deep Thoughts with that wannabe jackass maybe Senator. Anyway, that would probably be a fun job for a little while at least.

Today I am having Lagunitas Special Release Sirius, which apparently is a Hi-Gravity Cream Ale brewed by Lagunitas Brewing Company in Petaluma, California. This is my third beer from this brewery, and I was on the fence with the other two, so hoping for a great beer now. I always get a kick out of the writing these guys put around the edge of the bottle, so I'll need to mention to Total Wine next time I go (tomorrow) NOT to put their own internal stickers on top of the beer bottle labels. It took me 10 careful minutes to peel this one away to read, "We brewed this special hi-gravity Cream Ale in serious celebration of the return of the salubrious spring... With the long dark days of the season of damp nearly behind us and the possibilities of the long and lazy summer ahead." Dude, am I talking to Dennis Miller here?

Sirius Cream Ale has a malty, and slightly fruity and floral aroma. My first impression on drinking it is that it is NOT that creamy, but rather a bit bitter and a little hoppy. There are, however, sweet honey and citrus orange aspects that combine nicely together with that. The smooth and malty and spicy cinnamon flavors also go well with the noticeable 7% alcohol content. A decent and well balanced beer all around, and my favorite so far from this brewery.

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