Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Left Hand Milk Stout

I've been doing some vacation planning for my family. There is probably a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic sometime in June or July. Does anyone know if they have any other beers there besides Presidente? Otherwise when I come back, my palate might be burned out from that pilsener taste. I might have to become Rum Drinker and write the Daily Rum Review, but that could prove just as painful.

I'm also likely to need a handful of guest writers for that week. I've got a few other smart-ass types that like a good beer in mind. But feel free to "apply" or recommend someone. I am always open to suggestions.

I wanted to branch out today to a new brewery, so I picked out Left Hand Milk Stout brewed by Left Hand Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado. The bottle has a picture of a cow with black hands on it to make the cow spots, cool. But for some reason, the contours of those hands, at least some of them look like upside-down right hands. Could just be me, or the beer.

The aroma is very light, mostly chocolate. The flavors are more pronounced, first with a big dose of chocolate and roasted malts. No Shit! This is alcoholic Whoppers! And the beer is very sweet. I must say I was expecting a total wuss of a beer but there is definitely an alcoholic component grabbing at me too. Creamy, easily drinkable. The aftertaste disappears quickly, so make sure you have another to crack open quickly.

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traveler said...


I'd stick with Presidente; no presidente, then go with Brugal Rum.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks, Traveler. Just don't drink the water, right?

Lost said...

I recently reviewed Left Hand Milk Stout. I didn't get the taste of Whoppers, but I still have two bottles in the fridge, I methinks I'll have to give it another taste!


P.S. I noticed that you are interested in guest reviewers. I'm always looking for guest reviewers as well. Maybe we could form like Voltron.

Col. Hector Bravado - Denver Six Shooter said...

Had the pleasure of trying one of these at Trinity Brewing Co. down in Colorado Springs last night.

Loved the texture. Really light. And you're right, it's kind of creamy, then just sort of vanishes from the palate like a desert rain. I didn't consider that a bad thing at the time.

Also tried Trinity's Awaken Stout. Enjoyed that, too.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Colonel. Thanks for the comment. I liked this beer as well. As for Trinity Brewing, we don't have the opportunity to get any of their beers down here in Florida.

Talk to you soon.

Col. Hector Bravado - Denver Six Shooter said...

Maybe that'll change some day. Really enjoy your blog. Cheers, and have a great Thanksgiving.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Colonel. I don't hold my breath for new beers to enter this market, but what could change is that I go visit them instead. Colorado would be a killer visit!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Thanks for the nice words about the site also!

Anonymous said...

More than a year later, while it's highly unlikely that new beers enter the market, there are other options. Presidente is the free option in the big resorts but Bohemia, Brahma and others are very popular throughout the country. Have you ever had Mavi? It's is not a beer. It has a similar quality but sweeter and non alcholic. It's an interesting palette sensation. Brugal instead of water...haha Not that I recommend it but I see why one would go with one and not the other.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

I always try ALL of the local beers, if I can. Free or not. I've never had Mavi, and you know what? I never did make DR. Yet.