Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mendocino Spring Seasonal Bock Beer

Not sure where the night went. I stopped by Total Wine on the way home for a few new ones to try, then to Publix for some dinner. Had some sausages on the grill and it's already time for Jeopardy? I almost made the mistake of voting for Alex Trebek for President one year during college (foreigners and/or those not in the know, Canadians or any foreign-born person can never be a US President unless there is a Constitutional Amendment). But as you can tell, I like the guy.

Mendocino Spring Seasonal Bock Beer brewed by Mendocino Brewing Co. in Saratoga Springs, NY was one of the beers I picked up on kind of a whim a few weeks back. It's been pushed aside for long enough.

For me, I have fond memories of Saratoga Springs. First, during college, arriving in time after a 6 hour drive to make last minute wager on the last horse race of the day. No fucking around--$50 on the best horse to show--safe I guess but I ended up with $70--not bad. But better was the long weekend I spent there one August around 2000. Three days of horse racing, great meals every night, drinking like a fish with our giant group out of the home-made bar in the trunk of this one guy's car.

I am guessing that's not what this beer is about, so let me start here. Malty and floral aroma. Very light and nice to drink. You can taste very light hops, a sweet caramel flavor and this beer is a little buttery, too. I can't believe there is 7% alcohol, as that is not even the slightest bit noticeable--no way. Nice beer to drink, very refreshing, very forgettable.


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