Saturday, April 25, 2009

Midas Touch

Anyone watch the Spurs play the other night? They made a great comeback (with their starters on the bench for 1 1/2 quarters) only to lose by 20 points (or so, no one cares how much it really was). Also, Tony Parker has a hot wife. Anyway, do you like to travel? Internationally? To every state? Whatever, these dudes in the NBA and the refs that enforce the rules have basically forgotten about the traveling rules. Tim Duncan surely knew at the college level about those rules, but for some reason (money and high scores) pro basketball doesn't even care to enforce those rules. But at least when an NBA player is shooting free throws, the fans are allowed to try to fuck with him. Thousands of white tube balloons waving behind the glass backboard, now that is distracting. Shaq has an excuse. The reason I say "at least" is I can't believe what pussies the pro tennis circuit is--be quiet and hush and shhh. You wouldn't want to distract them in their serve or concentration. I guess it's just the snobbery of the sport. They should be shouting "Noonan" when these guys do their toss.

Today I'm drinking Midas Touch brewed by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, Delaware. This beer's been on my list for a while and finally I found it at Total Wine yesterday, the last bottle.

This beer has a fruity and mostly grape aroma. Lots of grapes and sweetness when you take your first sip. Reminds me of Grape Bubblicious gum, except much less chewy, just the flavors. You also get a nice amount of honey and spices and maybe some banana bread too. Nice amount of alcohol, actually it's 9%, noticeable but blended wonderfully to balance the sweetness. The aftertaste is also very nice and lasting. I must say this is a very unique beer and one you should figure out for yourself if it's one for you.

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