Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mojo India Pale Ale

The Phillies open their repeat championship season tonight against the Braves--I really can't wait. My fantasy baseball team also opens its championship defense tonight. Fantasy is fun, but I don't understand how a lot of people let it get out of control. I can understand the competitiveness but when it dominates your life, you gotta remember that you are not the real manager of the team, you and Chase Utley are not friends, your player moves have zero impact on reality, and even if you win no one cares except you. So play for fun and don't be a dick.

I busted out the bike today to burn off some of the liquid calories I'm planning on having this afternoon and evening. And I'll probably have to go to the pool this afternoon with my kids--what a hot day it is here. But it's all good--if I can wear them out and get them exhausted, they may actually sit and watch the baseball game with me.

Mojo India Pale Ale brewed by Boulder Beer Company in Boulder, Colorado has a very hoppy and slightly citrus aroma. The flavors are great and stand out. Lots of citrus with lemon (that's the yellow one, my South American friends), grapefruit and orange rind. There is a good mid-level carbonation and while the 6.8% alcohol content seems high, it is very nicely balanced with the sweetness of the beer. The hops provide a strong and welcome and expected bite as well. The aftertaste is nice but fleeting. Overall, this is a strong IPA and worthy of drinking regularly.

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