Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Old Stock Ale 2009

My son is a counterfeiter. At 6, he's already been making money for well over 2 years now. At first, he was going through green money-colored markers like water and not always copying the usual denominations. This kid would do fives and ones. When he realized he couldn't spend those bills, he took the tactic to mail them to grandpa with the expectation he'd get a real equally valuable bill in return. That scheme worked a few times, but eventually dried up. So then he tried it during a weeklong vacation at my office, with nothing to show for it. Now he's discovered the miracle of high quality printers. So, FBI watch out, this kid can tape the front of a $20 bill (with the COPY inscribed on it) to the back of a $20 bill with the best of them.

Made me think of that episode on The Office when Dwight came up with the Schrute Bucks idea. I'm actually printing a few Schrute Bucks now to see if those awesome people at Total Wine have a sense of humor too. The Publix folks do, as I've sarcastically tried to pass them the home-made bills, to no avail. Could be that they know me, considering my bill every Saturday for 4 years, otherwise handcuffs.

Tonight I am drinking Old Stock Ale 2009 from North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg, California. Actually, I already finished it, and what a great beer. The aroma has a very potent alcohol presence, I mean like brandy or something powerful. You also get some dark fruits on the nose. The first thing I thought of when sipping it was damn this is alcoholic, but wow that's a nice feature and how buttery and smooth and creamy it was. Malty, sweet caramel, lots of raisins and plums, roasted flavors also very noticeable. Considering the 11.5% alcohol content, yes it is a prominent feature, but it is so welcome and this is an excellent beer. The warm and slight burn are just now kicking in (I type fast). This is the (I don't remember the number) beer I've had from North Coast and I think that they are a terrific brewery. Go get yourself some of Old Stock Ale and the others.

The Office Dwight Schrute Bobble Head

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