Sunday, April 26, 2009

Samuel Adams Imperial White

I was watching Operation Repo on TV last night, and that dude Matt is a total psycho and basket case. And what is up with that chick Sonia with the bone in her lip? Anyway it takes all kinds, I guess. Matt probably relaxes to Ice-T's music. By the way, I did a study last week, not too scientific, but Ice-T forces anyone listening to drive aggressively. I know, I wasn't surprised either.

So just chilling here on a Sunday afternoon. I've done the yard work and kite flying and birthday party rounds already this weekend, so hopefully I can just kick back and watch the Phillies finish their sweep of the Marlins. Today I'm having Samuel Adams Imperial White, a wheat ale brewed by The Boston Beer Company in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm a big fan of the brewery, as you've probably heard, and this one will be a new one for me.

Spicy aroma mixed in with some orange. Then I took a sip--total in-your-face alcohol flavors. Those flavors did subside into nicer banana and spicy clove flavors. I guess that's what the bottle meant by pushing the limit of a witbier. The beer is also sweet, maybe with some caramel tastes. Nice warming aftertaste as well. But I must say that I can't forget every single sip of this guy for one reason--that alcoholic blast that in my opinion took over this beer.

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