Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Smuttynose IPA

A couple of big things in the news today. Well, it was a no-brainer that Arlen Specter was going to eventually declare himself a Democrat. He's been voting Democratic and tricking the Pennsylvania party-line voters for years. Gotta pay attention to these guys, if you've learned anything from history. Isn't the approval rating of Congress lower than ever before?

Also, this swine flu. What can I say except with Jack Bauer exposed to and chasing bio weapons and the country stretched thin, can we really handle a (real-life) pandemic? Seriously, keep your heads up, don't panic, and look for people that are sick and avoid them. Hopefully it'll all blow over.

I am drinking a Smuttynose IPA, an India Pale Ale brewed by Smuttynose Brewing Company in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. As the bottle cap says, "Make Mine a Smutty!" Now I am no wordsmith, but I'm pretty sure that smutty is not something you really want to be, so drinking it? Well this is Smutty+nose, so could be different, so I guess I'll check it out.

There is a faint sweet and hoppy aroma to this beer. The tastes are very strong, however. An extremely strong and weird bitter greets you with lots of lemon and grapefruit citrus cohorts. There is also some pine, tea, hoppy and metallic flavors in there but mostly it's a very rough and very lasting bitter flavor. I am not sure if there is any alcohol in this, I didn't see it on the label, but whatever is there is totally dominated. I love very hoppy beers but this one has much too much bitterness and needs something to balance that out. Also that weird flavor, not sure what it is, but maybe that's the smutty they speak of, and now it's in my mouth.

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Shane Davis said...

I was just curious - where do you find all of these craft beers? Do you have a store you go to that is just magical? I'm assuming it'll be a different set-up than we have in Canada, but I'm always interested in new ones - our liquor stores don't rotate stock as fast as my tastes would like. Keep up the reviews, I'm learning what to look for!

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Shane. Thanks for the comment. You probably can't read more than a couple of days worth of posts without hearing me mention Total Wine and More, which has hundreds of beers by the single bottle. So each week I pick up a 6 pack of 6 new beers. Their prices are also really good and so is the service. My local Publix grocery store also has a decent selection, which I am mostly through. And finally, a guy I work with and non-local family bring me some new ones not available here--I just provide the research (I ask beer network people what's the best where they live) and the money and the gratitude. Talk to you soon.

Lost said...

Ahhh..the delicious taste of smut!

Beantown Brews said...

I think you may have gotten a bad batch of Smuttynose IPA; I had a completely dissimilar experience to the one you describe.

Definitely overwhelming in bitterness (65 IBUs) but I didn't pick up the metallic taste. Yikes!
I would check out another batch, or check the date.

I'm not a huge IPA fan myself, but you should check out Longtrail's Traditional IPA - much better.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hi 21stCenturyCavePainter. I am a big IPA fan. I call it like I see it, and you mentioned overwhelming bitterness too. But I am up for another round with any beer, especially if someone tells me I am wrong. It might be a while, though, as I've found some beautiful IPA's since I had this guy. Thank you for your comment. BTW, I am intrigued by your name. My son is going to Penn's Cave in Central PA this summer with Grandpa. Will he see you there?

Beantown Brews said...

I wish! I'd love to check out some caves in PA, but alas. I am stuck in my cave in Massachusetts for the summer. At least I have the American Craft Beer Fest to look forward to this month.