Monday, April 20, 2009

Stoudts Triple Belgian Abbey-Style Ale

First, I must point out that the Philadelphia Sports Teams (namely, the Flyers, Sixers and Phils (Thank God the Eagles are in the offseason)) pulled off a trifecta yesterday. Pretty awesome, considering how few chances they have to all play the same day and win. Just ask the blunt Philly fans about the winning part.

A lot going on today. My 2-year old went to "school" for the first time in a week because he's been sick with a fever, and he left looking like a stop sign. Red, red, red, head to foot. I sent my other kid to his first grade class with a note for his teacher. Actually I had to sign a 33% test from school, but I couldn't help pointing out the grammatical errors in a few of the actual questions. Can't wait to open the backpack for that reply. Maybe my son is unable to answer questions that are not in English or Spanish? And finally, on the way home, the skies opened up. I mean roads were under water. My grass needed it, but picking up two kids in that was brutal. And of course the sun is out 30 minutes later. Dude, I need to move. Florida? Why?

Stoudts Triple is my first beer by my home-state Pennsylvania brewer Stoudt's Brewing Co. in Adamstown. This beer has a nice floral and spicy aroma, very pleasant. Take a sip. Bam! Loads of carbonation in your mouth, to the point of killing the experience. Once that blast subsides, you get some good flavors of orange, banana and a lot of spices, notably cloves and cinnamon. A second later, there is a strong alcohol finish which warms a bit and lingers, but it is a bit rough. The beer has a decent sweetness too, maybe a little syrupy goodness to try to balance out the alcohol, but for what it's worth, I am happy to move on to other beers.


GM-Carson said...

Beer is awesome and so are the Phils. Come check out my Phils blog- We Should Be GM's.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey GM-Carson. I just checked it out. I'm guessing you don't also write the Pirates stuff :) I was reading the comments about Harry Kalas on your site--I had my post about that too back on the 14th--very sad. And too bad about Lidge's streak too.