Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Abita Jockamo IPA

When I was out in my back yard building an ark last weekend, all of my neighbors looked at me like I was crazy. With my dying bone-dry grass, fires and smoke closing Alligator Alley off-and-on for a month, and Lake Okeechobee water levels dropping quickly, they scoffed. But as my boat floated past them on the road in front of our houses this afternoon, they changed their attitudes. Now that didn't really happen (at least to me, in case you have NEVER heard a Bible story), but the circumstances are all true. We went from Sahara Desert to Rain Forest in two days. My drive home today was through a ridiculous wall of water and several of the roads were half submerged. We need some balance. And I bet Noah was a beer drinker.

Abita Jockamo IPA brewed by Abita Brewing Company in Abita Springs, Louisiana is on deck (the upper deck) for today. The bottle is telling some story about "Mardi Gras Indians" and chanting and how I need to join in on some song "Iko! Iko! Jockamo fen an e'". So find yourself a translator and I guess that's where you get this beer's name from. Again, I can't resist, these guys write on the bottle cap "Best Refrigerated". Classic.

First, I LOVE the aroma--hoppy, nice floral, sweet and citrus. The flavors are very hoppy and bitter and acidic. You can taste some grapefruit citrus and pine notes in there as well. As the beer evolves, there are some caramel flavors that pop in and out, too. Jockamo IPA is highly carbonated and is neither smooth nor easy to drink. It finishes with an alcohol aftertaste as well. Not a bad beer but I liked it less as I drank more--it didn't grow on me like some beers, but rather grew off me. How's that?

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