Friday, May 8, 2009

Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager

I'll be in the market for a new car soon. We've leased our cars for the past 10 years, and it's worked out fairly well. But with all the great purchasing options and desperate car companies these days, I was considering buying a car and keeping that sucker until it can't drive another inch, at least 10 years. That's the smart thing to do. My mind then took me back to another time, driving my slick slightly used '87 Chevy Celebrity, and then eventually driving it into car Heaven. The first bad memories I have of that car happened driving home from college--one second I was passing a car, the next the the engine exploded. Finally a local cop picked me up and several hours later my mother drove the 100 miles to get me. But we did end up putting a new (used) engine in it and get it back running for me. New brakes, 2 new rebuilt transmissions, a new alternator, multiple fender benders including one where a Porsche hit me, multiple fights in Manhattan with the cabbies, a gas leak and the tire almost ripped off while driving.

Then I got married, we got a new car, and we moved. And I left the old car on the very rural street near my old apartment. To my surprise, a month later, an old neighbor told me that there were complaints, it was towed. Lovely! The police didn't know what impound, and by the time they found it I owed like $500 in fees to the storage place. I went and paid them and donated the car to charity and never saw the car again. And then the rest of the story--me getting massive fines for abandonment and like 5 other charges, sitting one on one with the judge and talking my way out of half of them and the penalties, but another $400 or so. It was ugly to pay for the funeral of that car. So I'll lease. I never want to own another car that I need to pay for any repair whatsoever.

Tonight I'm drinking Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager brewed by Abita Brewing Company in Abita Springs, Louisiana. This is a new brewery for me. Let's see what they got. The bottle cap says "Best Refrigerated" so I'm guessing that either they are not geniuses or they think their beer drinking customers are not geniuses, taking nothing to chance. We'll see.

Yes, I picked another beer with fruit in it. It's really not my favorite style but I know there are refreshing fruity beers, and I feel like one as it's brutally hot this afternoon. Excellent strawberry and malty aroma. The flavors are very nice as well. First you taste sweetness, but it's not because of the strawberries. Rather the malts give off a caramel goodness as the beer evolves on your palate. The strawberries are, however, very noticeable but not super-duper dominant like the fruits in some beers. Just right. Light body, a little watery, but crisp and refreshing despite the sweetness. I am only having one, but I can imagine having a couple more before you'd hate strawberries for the night. But that could be me. Go try this beer out.


VanaBanana said...

The Strawberry Harvest sounds like something I should try!

Also, we have had excellent experiences driving Toyotas into the ground.

Zach's is a 97 Rav 4 and we've only put $700 in repairs over the years. (this does not include regular maintenance like tires and oil changes.)

My dad would tell you the key to driving a car into the ground is an oil change every 3000 miles. He drives cars forever as well, so I tend to think there's something to it.

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Hey Vanessa. Yep, add it to your list to try.