Wednesday, May 13, 2009

ACME California IPA

Anyone else like Lenny Kravitz? I heard a few of his songs on the radio today which took me back to one of his concerts in New York. The opening act, if memory matches openers to headliners, was Poe. That was a pretty intense opening act, but good. The concert was great too, and as I recall they didn't even take a traditional intermission. Rather, each band member took turns jamming to Freedom Train while the others disappeared to (I'm sure) get a few hits. You should have seen the drummer and her fingernails kick some ass with about a 20 minute solo. That song lasted 40 minutes and the whole place smelled of pot, good times.

Before or after that concert, I can't remember, I went with a few of my coworkers to the Circus release signing at Tower Records down in the Village. It was a mid-week signing starting at midnight. When we arrived at 11pm, there was already a line around the block and bent backwards again. Dudes with guitars to be signed and every imaginable item you could find there. We got through the door at around 3am, and he signed my CD photos in a few places. The girl I was with had him sign the actual CD. He was totally soft spoken and cool, and the 3 or 4 very big dudes around him were not assholes either.

Today I went back to North Coast Brewing Company in Fort Bragg, California. I've tried several different styles from these guys and all of them have been excellent. This bottle tonight of ACME California IPA actually quotes the Beverage Testing Institute as saying "One of the ten best breweries in the World." So far, I'd have to agree. Finally, I'm going to have one of their India Pale Ales.

ACME California IPA has a nice floral and hoppy aroma, a little bit of malts too. The flavors are at first covered completely with a large amount of carbonation, which then reveals a high amount of bitterness, lots of hops and some citrusy grapefruit flavors. I love that bitterness, but in this beer, it took over a little too much. The progression was a little weird too. Lemon in the middle, then the alcohol jumps in, and I didn't love the aftertaste. I've had better IPA's and I am glad these guys have so many other choices that I really like. Think Old Rasputin.

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