Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale

As college students are graduating around the country, I remember back 15 years ago to when I was handed my diploma. The actual graduation procession and ceremony had around 20,000 students in it and we were recognized by the University President Frank H. T. Rhodes in groups of 2-4 thousand, depending on the specific college within Cornell. But my major and department had its own ceremony afterward with around 50 of us. My name was called, I was handed my diploma, handshakes, pictures, the usual.

However, when I looked at my diploma there was a mistake in my name. I am the 3rd. Yes, that's right, 3rd, not III. I've been looking for about 30 minutes trying to find a non-convoluted explanation for the difference, but I've been relatively unsuccessful. This article gives a half-ass reply, so maybe one of you geniuses out there can find a better one for me. Basically, as I know the rules, III (or IV or V or whatever) denotes a person that is named for someone other than their father, like Kings or Popes from history; while 3rd or 4th are used for sons (almost exclusively) named directly for their fathers. Anyway, despite all my student ID's and loans and bills for 4 years being correct, my diploma had III on it. And I was pissed off. I marched over to the registrar's office, got some dumb answer, and was given a form to submit to have another printed. Six months later, my father handed me my diploma, as he had received it at his house and I didn't live there anymore. My comment was to the effect, "it's about time" which is when he told me that Cornell had already sent a replacement again with III on it and that this was his second request to get it right. He hadn't told me because "he didn't want me to make an ass of myself". Now that's a good dad, in retrospect.

So I've struggled with this for years, but I have lived with many credit cards, social security documents, driver's licenses, etc. with III on them and lived. Some I've tried to change but the computers on the other end didn't have 3rd as an option. When my son was born, I had to go through the same shit with the State of Connecticut to get his birth certificate to read 4th and not IV, but that was not super hard. Now it's his turn to feel the curse of the actual numbers.

I am now drinking Bar Harbor Blueberry Ale brewed by Atlantic Brewing Company in Bar Harbor, Maine, my first from this brewery. The label says it's "America's Original Blueberry Ale" and I don't know how many other blueberry ales are out there, but it's the first I've come across. Fruity beers are not normally my style, but I wanted something very different today, and I think I've found it. Hope I love it.

Slight blueberry and dark fruit aroma, not too powerful at all. Flavors start out with lots of blueberry (duh), kind of like a blueberry Pop-Tart minus the sugar. It's not sweet at all, rather a little acidic and slightly bitter. I taste some hints of caramel in there too. The carbonation is very noticeable, yet is just right. Light body, easy to drink. Decent for a fruity beer, and it kick's Aprihop's ass in that category, but I'll move on to something else before buying this again.

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