Friday, May 1, 2009

Burton Baton Imperial IPA

I almost did it! I almost made the 18 mile commute through suburban Broward County city traffic and 40 or so traffic lights without coming to a complete stop. I was as close as when Elaine almost conquered the Van Wyck (impatient? go to 46s, but the graphics are pretty cool). I'd be happy to give a tutorial of this skill to anyone that desires it. Made me think of another piece of advice I recently gave out from experience. No matter how calm a river looks, don't go canoeing down that river and expect to get back up it. There IS a current, which a college buddy and I and our two dogs learned one college break on the Potomac River. Hours later than expected and two filthy, wet dogs and two dirtier people, we were back upstream to the car. That is why I am qualified to give that advice. Take it or leave it.

Total Wine had a few new Dogfish Head Craft Brewery beers last night on their shelf. I picked up the Burton Baton, which is an oak-aged Imperial India Pale Ale. The bottle is pretty cool and suggests you share this beer with loved ones and hoard it from the non-believers. I know, two days in a row with the same style beer. You can check yesterday to see what I thought of Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale. Basically, I am just Jonesing for a kick-ass IPA, and have a Stone Ruination in the fridge in case this one doesn't do the trick.

Now this beer has a BIG hoppy and citrus aroma, good start. The flavors are great, too. You start with a very nice and strong hoppy and grapefruit citrus bang, but matched very well with sweeter flavors. There are some pine flavors, and for sure you can taste the oak in the beer, although I expected to taste it more. Good medium-high body and great carbonation. The 10% alcohol is very well disguised and almost unnoticeable until you're done with the beer, when a slight alcoholic breath remains. Kiss me, honey! Very smooth, very balanced, and oh so drinkable. This beer puts the one from yesterday into a solid JV category.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue

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