Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Don de Dieu

I lasted only 14 minutes in bed last night. For the third night in a row, I was bothering my wife, moving all around and changing positions, and just being too loud for anyone. So as much as I wanted to stay, I decided to finish that and give her some peace and relief. Yep, I went to the guest room to try to get some sleep. I really need to get over this ridiculous cough that I've had for about a week now. Kids got it from school and gave it to me. Shame on you dirty minds!

I'm having my second beer from Unibroue in Chambly, Quebec, Canada today. The first was La Fin du Monde and this one is Don de Dieu which I guess translates Gift from God. We shall see.

The aroma is not powerful, yet is nice. You smell mostly sweet apples and pears with some bready qualities in there too. The flavors? Well, Holy Carbonation, Batman! Jeez, what is it with Unibroue that they keep doing that? I know two beers isn't a fair sample size to make a brewery judgment but two in a row, two like I have rarely tasted. And La Fin du Monde did turn out to be quite a great beer. Let's continue on. Very tart flavors with some spicy cinnamon in there too. Lots of yeast all around the entire progression of every sip as well. You can tell that the apple and pear and other fruits are screaming to get out from behind that yeasty carbonated wall but unfortunately it is a wall of reinforced concrete. The alcohol, valued at 9% here, is also playing bad guy in this beer as it is very noticeable and mostly unwelcome. Tastes like the Legion of Doom has won this battle. This was a very tough beer to finish and I'll never have it again. But I'll try the next Unibroue and hopefully good will triumph.

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