Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eight Ball Stout

I've got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine. Heard it on the radio, and it's a damn good thing I do. After a few more days of treacherous rain and hail coming down on South Florida, we could use a little. My kids are getting antsy in the house.

Well, my choice for today is Eight Ball Stout brewed by Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe in Eureka, California. This is a new brewery for me, and the 8 Ball on the pool felt picture lends itself to that kind of story. I've been playing pool my whole life. I practically went to the YMCA every day from 4th grade through high school graduation, and there were half a dozen free tables to play on there. I know, small-town fun is different than some of you big-city cats experienced, but I did eventually graduate to the playing pool at the bar scene. There was one bar we played at all the time in college, always doubles, and always with some "locals" mixed in. Made for some interesting competition, arguments, and drinking. The "Palms" or officially The Royal Palm Tavern was a dive, and I can't even find a website, so I'll show you what Mr. Google found for me to give you some insight as to what I was working with. It was a dive, but it was my dive, and was not filled with the snotty frat boys like a few nearby. In the end, I am a decent pool player, not an ace or ringer by any stretch, but still enjoy a game or ten here and there (with beer). On to business.

Malty, dark fruit and chocolate aroma. You first taste a strong coffee and some roasted, nutty flavors. There is a dark fruit component, like plums; however, this beer is not sweet at all. It's a more bitter and dry stout, like a Guinness Extra Stout. Good carbonation, medium body and very smooth. The flavors are here and gone very rapidly and only a small amount of flavor is left for an aftertaste. Was kind of strange to try to remember if I even had a sip 5 seconds ago. Anyway, a very nice beer and a strong intro to this new brewery for me.

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