Friday, May 15, 2009

Highland Oatmeal Porter

Ever have the cops force you to dump your beer? Not just the half a cup you had left outside a party, but a whole case or two? I was out with some college buddies down in Ithaca one night and on the way home, we swung by Ithaca College to see what was up. What was up was a crackdown on cars with 5 guys in it, as we learned with 3 cop cars pulling us over. Our driver didn't have one drink the entire night, yet was scared shitless. He couldn't even remove his registration from his wallet because his hands were shaking so much.

Two ZERO breathalyzers and a field sobriety test that would've earned a perfect ten on the balance beam later, the cops needed to figure out why they stopped us. So they wanted to search the car (and the trunk too) for open containers (since there were lots of old empties from days before on the floor of this guy's car), at which point the wannabe lawyer in the back that had way too much to drink opened his mouth. "I took a criminal justice course" this and "they don't have the right to ask you to open your trunk" that got the driver a frank discussion. Shut your friend up, open up the trunk and dump the beer out here or there will be some problems. So we dumped, except lawyer guy dumped one then threw a full one back in the box, potentially getting us in trouble to save a few shitty beers. That was it, except I was online a little bit earlier, and yep, you guessed it. After graduating as an engineer, this dude went on to be a partner in a well-known law firm. I guess it was his calling.

I just opened a bottle of Highland Oatmeal Porter brewed by Highland Brewing Company in Asheville, North Carolina. This is my second from this brewery after their Kashmir IPA a little over a week ago. Same brewery, totally different styles. Let's see what I get.

Nice but not strong malty aroma, some chocolates too. The flavors are also not super strong, but start out with a nice dark chocolate, coffee and burnt and roasted flavor. There is a certain amount of bitterness as well. I don't taste many other flavors except maybe a hint of raisin in there. Carbonation is good and the beer is smooth. The progression on your palate is pretty nice and you retain the malty chocolate for a while. However, by the end of the beer, as good as it was, I am not ready for another (today) as those burnt flavors left on my palate are getting a little annoying. Good beer, see what you think.

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marie said...

when I first moved to TX they hadn't passed the open container law yet. imagine my surprise when boyfriend cracks open a cold one on the way to the grocery store - one year of bliss before they outlawed it. its all fun and games until some drunk guy kills a grandma on her way to church.

I have been pulled over plenty of times and once even spent the night in county lockup (that story's for another time), but I've never been forced to pour out beer.