Saturday, May 16, 2009

Loose Cannon Hop³ Ale

Speaking of getting pulled over by the cops, which probably almost everyone has had happen to them at some point, I'm betting this never happened to you. A few years back I was in Colombia, and my wife and I and two of our friends were going to one of the little cities outside of Bogota. Now, in this case, we actually were drinking in the car as those rules if they exist are certainly not enforced. Approaching Villa de Leyva in the early evening dark, we were basically run off the road by the Colombian military. Then these one-toothed dudes with machine guns made us get out of the car in the mud and dig for our ID's while they searched the car, no questions asked. My New York driver's license did just fine after my Spanish interpreters explained the visitor situation. Apparently they were looking for drugs or guerrillas being smuggled into town. Yet still a little frightening--their force-you-off-the-road tactics and the fact that these guys were given permission and the right to carry automatic weapons. Beautiful country with unlimited resources and potential, if they can just get control over the drugs and FARC and other radical groups. I'd love to retire there early.

Back to Miami, which has not yet seceded to be part of Latin America, but is close. Today I picked a new brewery and therefore (geniuses) a new beer. I'm about to open up Loose Cannon Hop³ Ale (thanks, Yahoo, for how to make the cubed sign) brewed by Clipper City Brewing Company in Baltimore, Maryland. Something about "Heavy Seas" is on the bottle label, maybe it's a group of their beers, and there is also a silly pirate cartoon with "Bird Overboard" type jokes on it.

Excellent hops and floral aroma to this beer. Immediate beautiful bitter hoppy flavors here, with a nice bite in there like I'd expect and want. Those are well-balanced with some sweetness which I can't attribute easily. Some pine and lots of grapefruit citrus flavors join in on the party too. There is good carbonation and the 7.25% alcohol is nicely balanced, yet not hidden, and gives a good punch to this beer. Aftertaste is great and lasts. Wow, this is a really nice beer and for sure you should get you some.


Anonymous said...

one of my favorites and cheaper than most of the best IPAs

Beer Drinker Rob said...

Thanks for reminding me about this beer. I have to go look for it again.