Monday, May 18, 2009

New World Porter

Seven years ago today was an exhausting yet wonderful day. My wife and I had gone out to dinner the night before for the re-opening of a revolving door restaurant location in Yonkers, NY. The service was so bad that the manager told us the entire meal including about 3 or 4 Sammies was on the house, without us even complaining. (My face has a tendency to give away my thoughts. So much for being a pro poker player). We were more laughing about how shitty and disorganized everything was. That and, oh yeah, my wife thought she was starting to have contractions. We went home, went to sleep but by about 3 in the morning we were calling the doctor. He told us to meet him at Greenwich Hospital, so off we went (with the suitcase you've heard you're supposed to have ready). Driving rain for the 30 mile ride, then hours of contractions and finally our son was born early afternoon.

That's when it was time to figure out where my mother-in-law was. She was arriving a week before the predicted birth date to make sure she'd be around to help, but babies come when they want and that was today. We had spoken with her the night before and she was going to leave messages on the machine, we'd check, etc. We didn't have cell phones, my wife was really in no mood to help me figure it out, so I just went another 30 or 40 miles to Kennedy Airport to get her on the scheduled flight. Her connecting flight was delayed in Miami because of some terrible storms (what a surprise, living here has shown me), and she didn't arrive on the next several flights coming from Miami. So I just stood there with the limo sign guys waiting and waiting. Finally, hours later, there she was. Back up to Greenwich, it was already pretty late, but what a wonderful day to see my first son.

Seven years later, the boy needs to learn some manners and stop talking back now, but overall he's a good kid. But I'm gonna need to wrap this up as he's excited for some presents and cake. Who wouldn't be?

Today I'm having New World Porter brewed by Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado. This will be my third from this brewery. Let's get it on!

Nice coffee and roasted chocolate aroma here. The flavors mirror those scents--lots of roasted and burnt malt flavors, plenty of chocolates and caramels. Nutty also. This beer is thick and chewy, medium-full bodied, good carbonation too. I was surprised how much some of the citrus components came through in this beer too. You definitely taste some grapefruit and lemon zing in there. The aftertaste is nice and lasts as well. Definitely my favorite of the three Avery brews I've had so far. Check it out.

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